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The Top 3 Must Haves to Equip Your New Boat

You finally bought a new boat, but it came equipped with simple basics. As a matter of fact, depending on the model and type, the entire interior is probably bare, except for the usual seats and make-it-go gadgets. If this is your first boat, or if you are simply unsure about what you might need, keep reading to learn about what lifelong boaters, ship captains, and sailors think are the 3 must haves before going out on the water.
Essential Safety Gear
You could have a huge yacht or a little fishing boat. Either way, you need to think about the safety of yourself and your passengers at all times. When you are captain of your sea cruiser, no matter the size, keeping yourself and your guests well-protected is concern number one. So equip your new boat with must-have, essential safety gear. Places like MMI Marine offer attwood boat accessories, among other amenities, that put safety at the top of your list. Accessories could include a life jacket for yourself and a few back-ups, emergency flares, paddles for smaller boats, fire extinguishers, and floats.

 photo 6cc35feb-e22b-424e-95a9-c7881e11cd52_zpst7cc8frb.jpg
Behind Daryl is the boat we rode for island hopping in Phuket.

Keep Your New Boat Clean
Equip your new boat with a few cleaning products, like small sponges, deck cleaners, detailer gels, and basic soap for boat interiors. If you are venturing out on the open ocean, these products can help keep the salt air from getting into the crevices of your boat’s interior. If salt is left to its own devices for too long, it can deteriorate boat seats and rust the gadgets that make your ship sail. Clean your boat regularly, especially after an outing, to keep water and salt damage to a minimum.
Snacks & Other Emergency Items
You never know what could happen, so keep a cooler of bottled waters and non-perishable snacks handy on-board. Especially if traveling on the ocean. Becoming stranded is a slim to none chance for everyday boaters, but it is still a good idea to prepare for every possible outcome and emergency. Also keep a horde of flares, signal lights, thermal blankets, and matches—just in case.
Now that you have equipped your boat with the must haves, you are free to enjoy all of the great things the sea has to offer. Remember to always prep a route and have a plan before you sail on open oceans, and keep a few poles handy for fishing opportunities. All aboard for fun!

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