Storage Solutions for Travellers

If you are travelling around the world, or country, you may find that you accumulate ‘things’ along the way. Some things, like photographs will need different storage solutions than others. Some things you will want to keep with you, but there are some that you might want to store aside until you make your final trip home. Here are some ideas for storage solutions for the many different ‘things’ that you may need to store while on your travels.

Storing Photos

One of the funnest parts about travelling is taking heaps of photographs of all the cool stuff that you do and see while on your adventure. But after a few days, or weeks (depending how snap-happy you are) you will probably find that your memory on your camera/phone will be full. You will want to offload them onto some sort of storage device to make space. There are a few options to choose from, you could either have several memory sticks (and simply change to a new one when each one gets full), dump them onto a computer if you have one with you, get them put onto a disc, or have a large storage drive that you can dump them onto.

Know your storage options for your travel luggage.

Storing Luggage

Depending where you are travelling, there are often lockers or storage companies where you can store your luggage for a period of time. At most airports and capital cities they have storage lockers where you can store your luggage for a period of time, although some do not have this facility, due to stricter laws. If you are staying at a backpackers hotel, or similar establishment they often have places where you can store your luggage, but you will need to contact the individual places to see if they have this facility.

Storing Belongings

A great way to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure is to rent a storage unit such as one of the ones at Fort Knox Brisbane, for a period of time. If you find that you have accumulated quite a lot of larger items of ‘stuff’ while you are travelling, and do not want to drag it along with you, you could hire a unit for a period of time. The best part about this is that you will have the key and be able to access it any time of day or night. This is definitely a good option if you have items such as surfboards, furniture or even a car, and will not be needing for a time while you travel on to other areas of the country.

Storage Containers for Travelling in a Vehicle

If you have hired or bought a van, or car and intend to do a bit of travelling by road trip then you might want to find containers that can pack neatly into your vehicle to keep everything clean, dry and safe. There are plastic containers of all different shapes and sizes that fit easily under seats.

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