Between Steps

Stepping On Air Again

Well, hello there!
This blog actually disappeared online last January due to hosting problems.
On March 2018, after almost 2 months of being nowhere on the web, this blog went live again. This time under a new host. Thanks to my brother and the assistance of my old host.
However, it seemed like we could no longer restore ALL my blog posts.
This meant that my posts ever since I began blogging in 2011 (yup, that would be 7 years of blogging) could no longer go live. They were gone — like  forever.
Steps On Air was just an empty wasteland.
I was, too, tired and yes, disheartened to work on it anymore. So I just took a vacation from it 🙂

But today, I look at some of my old files and discovered that I still have some back up files of this blog. And I thought perhaps I should try again to upload these files.
And yes, the old back up files still worked!
No files from January 2018 nor from November 2017-December 2017 but all the rest of my posts from November 2011 when I first started this blog until October 2017 were all in my back up files 🙂 Some photos and media files still went missing though. But I could live with that 🙂
So here we go again. We’re taking again those steps on air.
Thank you, Lord. It is You alone who can open or close doors with finality. 

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