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Enjoying a Mall and a Sky Park

One of the largest shopping malls in Singapore is Vivo City. It has 102,000 sq. m. of space occupied by shops. So if you are ready to buy clothes, get the latest electronic gadgets or a new book and do some serious shopping, check out this mall. By the way, this mall also has a train station link to Sentosa, a popular island resort in Singapore.
One of the things I also enjoyed when a Singaporean friend took me to this mall was its Sky Park right on top of its building. Now who says we can’t have a walk in the park, above all the buying and selling going on in a mall?

Vivo City's Sky Park
Vivo City’s Sky Park

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10 thoughts on “Enjoying a Mall and a Sky Park”

  1. That’s a cool-looking park. Is that water? It’s kind of like a river or it was made to look like it. I agree, since you’ve strolled the mall enough, why not stroll around the park na rin.

  2. this is a great idea–having a park at the roof top. i hope we’d have something like this here, too. we need more parks.:p
    the structure across the pond is interesting, too.

  3. wow that sounds like an enormous mall! i would love to go there and shop till i drop! lol. and then relax take a break on their park

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