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Popular Hiking Destinations to Avoid this Fall

A lot of hiking enthusiasts have a great sense of adventure. They like to spend any time that they can outdoors, in popular hiking destinations worldwide. If you are planning to hike this fall, here are some of the destinations to avoid.
The Beaches, Forests, and Mountains of Cape Town, South Africa
Regardless of your hiking skill level, Cape Town, South Africa has a trail to suit you. Their trails cross the mountainside, go through the forest and even touch along Cape Town’s beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, the social unrest and high level of poverty in these areas have led to a rather high crime rate. Though, this is not one of the worst destinations for hiking, it is recommended that you explore this trail during the day.
Jardin Botanico in Acapulco, Mexico
This beautiful trail begins at 204m above sea level and walks you through a tropical forest, which comes out at 411m above sea level. The area is known for its stunning flora and fauna. Once you reach the top, there are several other trails that you can choose to take. Unfortunately, the drug violence in the area currently makes it a dangerous place to visit. Acapulco has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with a rate of 142 murders per every 100,000 people. If you do decide to visit, it is best to stay on resort property as crimes are very common in the surrounding areas.
The Coca-Cola Sign in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Often compared to the Hollywood sign in California, the Coca-Cola sign in Honduras can be seen from one of its best hiking trails. The trail also goes through a beautiful rainforest filled with a variety of colorful birds and overlooks the gorgeous Sula Valley. Unfortunately, the entrance to this hike is just ten minutes away from the town of San Pedro Sula. With the highest murder rate in the entire world (169 homicides per every 100,000 people), it is a destination that should be avoided when you are choosing hiking excursions for this fall.
The Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janiero
Rio de Janiero is home to beautiful stones, sunny beaches, and mountain trails through the beautiful Tijuca Forest. At the top of the mountain, you can find the Stone Jesus, and even try out hang gliding over the beaches. While it is a semi-dangerous destination, not as much as a few of the others on our list. The crime rate has significantly declined in the last decade and crimes are more common at night than during the day. If you do choose to enjoy the trails, beaches, and resorts, take the right safety precautions.
The Mountains of Guatemala
There are two separate mountain ranges found in the country of Guatemala. This mountain range is filled with several mountain trails that are known for volcanoes, stunning clouds, and beautiful wild jungles that are teeming with life- including butterflies, reptiles, amphibians, plants, jaguars, eagles, and so much more. If you do choose to visit this area, Guatemala City should be avoided. It is known for high rates of carjacking, street robberies, bus holdups, murders and drug-related violence. Instead, visit the other beautiful areas of Central America.
While exploring a new area can be exciting, you should always practice safety when hiking around the world. If you choose to check out some of these beautiful hiking trails this fall, then take the right precautions. Always hike in a group and stay away from any dangerous areas. Also, be sure you wear appropriate clothing and pack the right gear. If you’re going to be hiking in areas with unpredictable weather or have to cross waterways, it would be beneficial to pack all your essentials in a waterproof bag, such as the ones that can be found at Adventure Lion.
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