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PAL's Promo Fares for Business Class

My first international trip out of the Philippines was way back in 2002. The destination was Bangkok, the land which was home to me for a season in my life. I was advised by the consular office that I should get a round trip ticket which is also valid for a year if I intend to stay on there with the organization which worked out my visa. Needless to say, the ticket cost was quite exorbitant for me as I checked out possible airline carriers. Thankfully, family and ministry partners (yes, I was set to do cross-cultural outreach work in Thailand that time) rallied with me and I was ready with my ticket, luggage and an ample amount of God’s favor over me.
What has prompted me to write this post is that I just received updates from Philippine Airlines (PAL) on their promo rates to fly business class for both international and domestic destinations. The tickets which can be purchased beginning this month is valid for a year. Now scanning over the destinations, I see Manila-Bangkok there and marvel how relatively cheaper it is now. The fare for Business Class now is closer to the Economy fare (also valid for a year) way back in 2002. Well, that means we now have better opportunities for travel and that’s simply good news for travelers.
Check out PAL Business Class promo rates here.

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