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One More Cave Story

If caves interest you, you must know that there are caves in Bohol that you could check out.
One cave that is quite accessible for you to see is located within Panglao Island Nature Resort (PINR). Whether you are at PINR for a day visit or staying in the resort, make time to check out the Cambagat Cave. And I would say, you really should, especially if your daily life is all about city living. I think exploring caves helps us to reconnect not only with nature but to also reflect what life could have been like if we do not have houses 🙂
Bohol (Tagbilaran City is its capital) is about an hour and a half flight from Manila. You could also easily travel to Bohol from Cebu via fast craft (only 1 and half hour). There are also overnight boat trips from Nasipit and Cagayan de Oro to Bohol. PINR is about 20 minutes from Tagbilaran.
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