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Musings Over My Special Thing

While surfing the net and blog hopping, I came across the meme, Memory Lane Monday, and I got curious. I read on the post about it and the entries linked there. There’s a theme each week with this meme as you write about something in your own memory lane. This week’s theme: Special Thing. I must admit, it got me thinking. What is special to me?
Ah, what is special to each person is different. I mentally noted things which are special to me. One of them for sure is my wedding ring. It has symbolized a different season of my life and it is also a visual reminder that I have made a lifetime commitment to my husband beginning in 2009. Ah, how could I forget having it put on my finger by my groom that cool, drizzling Saturday in November while we were surrounded by family and closest friends and the green foliage in that open pavilion? It’s a happy memory. And thank God that it is so 🙂

 Note: This is my entry to Memory Lane Monday – Special Thing. Check it out for some inspiration and happy memories.

5 thoughts on “Musings Over My Special Thing”

  1. awww 🙂 happy two years for you! wedding rings are truly special because, like you said, they are reminders of a lifetime commitment, as well as the celebration of your love ♥
    thanks for dropping by my MLM entry!

  2. Awww, you have a lovely memory of your wedding day sis. 🙂 wedding rings are very special thing to us married couples. it reminds us of the bond and the eternal love we are sharing to our spouse! Thank you for joining MLM 😀

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