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It's Called Grilled Satay

That’s what this delicious treat as shown in the photo is called. This combination plate was what I ordered for myself while my hubby and I were in Bohol, having a late lunch at Panglao Nature Island Resort and Spa (PINR).
Grilled Satay consists of skewered beef, chicken and pork marinated in pounded spices served with peanut sauce and pickled vegetables. This yummy serving only cost me P275 (about 7 USD). I would highly recommend it if ever you have the chance to stay or visit PINR. It is not only delicious, it’s also filling for that hungry tummy. For my drink, I ordered soda (Coke), There were other drinks to choose from but I always love having meat with a cold soda. Ah, just looking at the photo reminds me now how truly delicious my order was 🙂
Note: This post is also linked with Wednesday Whites.

4 thoughts on “It's Called Grilled Satay”

  1. I’ll say yes on the chicken and beef but no on the pork! Bati man na nga pagkaon Sis oi kay isa ka bandehado atong mahurot nga rice! Ang diet mapadaplin. LOL.
    WW visit!

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