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I Can Fly

‘I Can Fly’  is the first single of Andy Calope’s new album: Rented Houses. The song is a cool reminder on where we get our strength as we live day by day. While we travel to and fro in this planet called earth (that’s why we can have travel blogs), we also have our day to day ‘trips’ as we live our lives and I think this song will inspire and remind us on the true source of our daily strength.
A few notes on Andy: Fondly called Andoi by family and friends, Andy, not only plays well the guitar and keyboard (as well as any musical instrument you might challenge him to play) but also writes songs. He is currently based in Cebu City, Philippines.
Andy has given me permission to share his song with you. It’s also free to download this time. Just click and enjoy 🙂

You can also check Andy’s website:

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