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Family Bonding & Chocolate Hills

During my October trip to Bohol, my uncle Benjie who visited from the US, initiated a plan to check out the famed Chocolate Hills in Carmen. Although it was not my first time to visit this natural wonder, going there was very special since it was also family time for us.
My cousin Saldie who is also US based also came with us during this visit to the Chocolate Hills. Saldie was not yet 10 years old when he first came to the Philippines and we also visited together the Chocolate Hills then.  We did some catching up even as we enjoyed taking photos while we were there.
The climb on the highest hill where we could get a better view of the surrounding hills was quite a challenge but as always worth it when you reach the top. My aunts and I found it helpful to stop every now and then to catch our breaths. FYI to those who are yet to set foot there: there is a long stairway going up to this high hill.
Take note that there are 1,766 hills in the area scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. The hills have been declared the Philippine’s third National Geological Monument and proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
One should not miss seeing the Chocolate Hills when one goes to Bohol. Aside from Carmen, one can also have a beautiful view of the hills from Sagbayan Peak.
Getting There: Travel time to Carmen from Bohol’s capital, Tagbilaran City, is about 2 hours by bus and about an hour by private vehicle. Entrance fee to check out the hills is at P50 (about 1.20 USD) per person.

Let your eyes see more than 1,000 hills 🙂

With Uncle Benjie, Saldie, Auntie Sally, Auntie Nyng & Yoyong

UPDATE: Bohol, my land of birth, was hit by an Intensity 7.2 earthquake last October 15, 2013. The Chocolate Hills have been affected by the quake. The viewing deck in the photo above where our family and friends had our pictures taken have also been destroyed. Prayers and help for Bohol and its people are greatly appreciated. If you are interested to send relief goods or volunteer for help, let me know so I can connect you with groups and organizations doing relief work there.

16 thoughts on “Family Bonding & Chocolate Hills”

  1. it is so nice to see family bonding, it just strengthens their being close with each other the perfect place to go with…i’ve never been into that place and thank you for reminding me to explore other parts of philippines

  2. I never been to Chocolate Hills, I wish I did visit this place the last time I visit Philippines last January, I was there for 3 months but never had a chance to. I should have next time.

  3. I love to see happy faces ….my aunt was born in Bohol and they always go back home every May i think for the fiesta…its a nice province

  4. wow! must be a great family time. I visited the place- chocolate hills twice already with my family and Sagbayan Peak, which I thought at first it was already the chocolate hills because from the top/peak we already can see couple of hills:)

  5. I still want to visit Bohol and chocolate hills one day with my family. It’s really a wonder and I hope it will be preserved for the future generation.

  6. I see a lot of people taking trips to Bohol lately and I sure want to go. I told my husband that I want to visit the island when we go back to the Philippines to visit my family. If possible even take them with us. I want to go and see it for myself. So wonderful! 🙂 Lovely folks!

  7. I can still remember when I was a kid (elementary years) when I was able to run through that long stairway up and was catching my breath!…and from that time will never dare to go up again everytime I visit, never again, LOL. But it’s a wonderful nature!

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  9. great post sis..was here twice and still would love to come back..sad that it is damaged now and hoping the government can fix it again! cheers! salamat keyu sa bisita!

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