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EL NIDO – helpful things to know

Before I finish off my El Nido saga, let me give you some info that could be of use:

  • No ATMs in El Nido. Bring enough cash for the trip. Art Café accepts credit card payments for food and tours but not for van hires. In case of emergency, I did hear that you can take some cash out using your credit card, but with a transaction fee. Some pawnshops in El Nido have money transfer via M Lhuillier, it means that you have to ask someone in the Philippines to wire you some money. I’m not sure if M Lhuillier do overseas transactions.
  • From the El Nido terminal, tricycle hire to take you to your accommodation is around Php 50.00. Do give extra if you are feeling generous 🙂
  • Electricity is only available between 2pm-6am. Bring torch/flashlight to help you navigate the bathroom when having a cold shower in the morning.
  • Room accommodations are mostly of bed and breakfast type. Book at least 4 weeks in advance during peak season.

Peak season – Dec-May

Shoulder season – Jun-Jul and Oct-Nov

Off peak season – Aug-Sep

  • Mosquitoes in Palawan can carry Dengue fever or Malaria. Take precautions before travelling. Bring insect repellent or take anti-malarial medications if applicable (consult your doctor first).
  • Bring a rash guard. It’s a long sleeve top to protect you from the sting of a jellyfish or some tiny marine life that makes you itch a lot. Or bring sunscreen.
  • No hospitals in El Nido. There are a few pharmacies. It’s wise to bring your own prescription medicines.

El Nido town even with the tourists around still has a laid back atmosphere. It is interesting what brings to mind when I was writing about my posts of El Nido. I remembered one of my brother’s friend told me about El Nido being a place so amazing and beautiful. He mentioned it was a quiet town, remote and out of the way. That was about 15 years ago. There’s probably more people now compared to years ago but the town still has that rustic charm about it.

I was fascinated by what looks like homemade chandelier from one of the places we had dinner.

The tourism office where I asked for a map, and the lovely lady also showed us where the spots to visit.

The shop where we bought some fruit drinks and ended up staying for more as the salesperson asked for advice about the predicament of her love life 🙂

The little shop on the right is where we booked our island hopping tours.

Calle Hama is where the tricycle dropped us off for a beachfront bed and breakfast accommodation.

Bus terminal and public market, the first thing we saw when we arrived and the last place we pass the time while waiting for our van to leave.

The jeepney in front of us getting ready to head out with last minute loading up of passengers.

When you made it to El Nido, do say what you think of the place.
We enjoyed it a lot and the memories still lingers of how beautiful the place is.
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EL NIDO – helpful things to knowyou are here
Text & Photos by Alicia Davis

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