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Are You Travelling This Christmas?

In this part of the world, it may not be December yet but Christmas is already in the air!
Since the month of December could mean school and work break for most people, then that could also mean free time to travel as well.
My hubby and I have spent three Christmas seasons together and I just realized that all three were spent outside of our home city! Wow, maybe this means that for this year we may not do any travelling for a change. But well, it’s not yet December, maybe we might end up going somewhere for Christmas again this year.

This native lantern caught my eye in Bohol (2010).

We were in Bohol for Christmas in 2009 and 2010. Our first Christmas had to be spent in Bohol in 2009 because my father who resided there died just days before Christmas so we decided to go ahead and just spend Christmas time there. Thankfully, my father’s close friend invited us for Christmas dinner so that lessened our sense of loss that time. Christmas 2010 came and my sister invited us to spend Christmas again in Bohol. I would say that this seemed really like our real first Christmas together as a couple minus our grieving in 2009. And for last year’s Christmas, we spent it with my other sister’s family in Gen. Santos City. It was quite a long travel from our place in Butuan. We took a van which meant about 5 hours going to Davao and then 2 hours (again by van) to Gen. Santos. But we did have a great time there.
How about you? Are you up to some traveling somewhere special this Christmas?
A Christmas tree made up of lanterns in Gensan (2011)

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6 thoughts on “Are You Travelling This Christmas?”

  1. I really miss celebrating Christmas in the Philippines… but we have to be here in this very important season because the Thais, as you know are very open during this time of the year so we are praying for them to understand the meaning of the season! Here for BPC lors!

  2. i have also spent Christmas away from home a couple of times. spent Christmas in Camiguin a few years ago, then in Boracay…also spent Christmas with my relatives in Negros. it’s a great opportunity to visit friends and relatives or just some alone time.
    the Christmas tree with star lanterns is lovely.

  3. Oh that was a sad Christmas for you, the Christmas 2009 but you must have already moved on from that. Travelling on Christmas or spending Christmas away from home is something i or my family haven’t done yet but I do wish to spend future Christmas in other city and hopefully country, kind of a Christmas vacation. In your case, since you are used to travelling na during Christmas, for sure you’ll come up a Christmas travel plan at the last minute.

  4. Beautiful Christmas trees Sis Deli 🙂 We have not any Christmas decor in the house yet 🙂 Maybe after Thanksgiving Day which is tomorrow 🙂 Dropping by from BPC.

  5. Bago lang diay nag-passe away si Dad mo Sis? My condolences. Ako naman, I have been orphaned by my father for 14 years now. I was only 15 then. Pero I still miss him every day. If yours happened before Christmas, mine naman on the very November 1 jud. 🙁
    Anyway, we usually spend Christmas sa akong SIL sa Vegas but not this December siguro kay gamay pa si Tiara plus we would like to enjoy the school break nalang pud without the hassle of traveling. Basin diri lang mi sa duol mangita ug maayuhon. Lol. I miss Christmas back there kay sayo kaayo magsugod. Diri mingaw man ang Pasko gud.
    BPC hop! Thanks for joining!

  6. i would like to spend our christmas on Phil this year, but our finances is telling us that its impossible. lol. so another christmas here in our humble abode. its very hard also to travel with kids.
    from BPC

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