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Where Will You be on Chinese New Year’s Eve?

In seven days, it will be the Chinese New Year!
Although I am not Chinese and I haven’t had the chance to visit China yet, I have experienced some of the joys of ushering in the Chinese new year. This was because I spent my elementary and high school years at a Chinese school in Bohol. Ah, we had so much fun when our school celebrated the Chinese new year then 🙂
It’s not only China, Taiwan or Hongkong which would be marking the Chinese new year in their calendars as a special time this year but so will the Chinatowns in different parts of the world.
Chinatown in Singapore has already begun their two-month Chinese new year celebrations this 2013 beginning last January 19; it will end on March 11 yet. You get to experience the festive colors, delicious food and enjoy street performances there. You will also get to see dragon and lion dance performances.
Now there’s still time. For a change, you might just want to book your tickets, pack your luggage and choose Singapore to celebrate your Chinese new year’s eve this year.

Singapore is home to different Chinese cultural groups. The Hokkien is the largest linguistic group.
Singapore is home to different Chinese cultural groups.

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