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Cell Phone Etiquette Around the World (Infographic)

Considering that the world consists of 196 countries (some sources would say 195), it would mean that the world consists of wide range of cultures. More than just a difference in languages, things are just done differently in Japan than it would be in, Brazil, for instance.
Sometimes, we do forget these unique differences and some days, we could forget to be considerate, to be respectful of these. I think it does not harm any of us if we could extend a bit of effort to understand, honor and even celebrate some of these differences. It would lead us all to better understanding and better relationships among all of us who may belong from different cultures and yet all living in this one home: planet earth.
I came across this infographic from Repairlabs which could somehow help us a bit more to see the way we do things differently around the world 🙂  Check out the unique differences in cell phone etiquette in the given countries below. Perhaps, this information will help us better understand and communicate across cultures even through our cell phones 🙂

INFOGRAPHIC Cell Phone Etiquette World Wide


Courtesy of: Repairlabs

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