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Breaking Through

My siblings and I were at Bohol Tropics Resort in Tabilaran City, Bohol one afternoon during vacation time. We were enjoying the view of Tagbilaran Bay while we ate some snacks. The sky was quite overcast and I was intrigued how the whole scene would look in a photo. And so I took the shot. This photo speaks to me of hope breaking through an overburdened sky.
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17 thoughts on “Breaking Through”

  1. What a beautiful sight to see, beautiful sky capture. Thanks for sharing your Scenic Sunday. Have a great weekend!

  2. I had scenic and peaceful seashore also in my post. The only difference is that the sun is shining so bright. hehe

  3. Back here for last week’s TT!
    Nope, my husband is not a minister. He is a frustrated one, though. LOL. He is a Professor in Mathematics and as one, he’s trying to find an opportunity to apply for a professorship position at any SDA universities. So far, wala pay doors na-open for him. We’re just thankful that he has been provided with a job when he finished his Ph.D. in Math Education in 2009. πŸ™‚
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