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Beautiful Camiguin

Several years back I had the chance to visit the beautiful island province of Camiguin in the region of Northern Mindanao. It’s the second-smallest province in the country both in population and land area after Batanes. Mambajao, its capital, is also the largest municipality both in area and population.
The visit to Camiguin was actually for a training but thankfully, I had the chance to enjoy its beautiful white sand island and also its hot springs in Ardent. I also enjoyed their delicious lanzones 🙂 My memories of Camiguin have been triggered when my good friends Alice and Gloria from Cebu together with Alice’s family members went to Camiguin several days ago. They also enjoyed Camiguin’s white sand and clean sea waters as well as its cold and hot springs.
To get to Camiguin, you can take a bus if you are coming from Mindanao and then drop off at Balingoan where you can take a ferry to the island. If you are coming from the Visayas, you can take a boat from Cebu going straight to Camiguin. You can also take a fast craft from Jagna, Bohol going to Camiguin. And if you are coming in from Manila, you can fly in to visit this beautiful island.
Note: Thanks to my friend, Alice Davis for the photo.  This post is also linked with Tuesday Travels,  A Piece of HeavenWednesday Whites and Scenic Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Camiguin”

  1. my cousin and her family was in this beach a few weeks ago and i was so jealous!!! Camiguin is one of the places i would really love to visit! late WW visit!

  2. I so missed this place Sis Deli 🙂 so many beautiful memories were left behind when my boyfriend(now my husband) had our vacation in this beautiful Camiguin island 🙂 Thank you for bringing back that memories 🙂 Dropping by from last weeks TT

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