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Going Around Bangkok

On any given day in Bangkok, taking the BTS or sky train is one of the most convenient ways to go around the city. By taking the sky train, you escape Bangkok traffic which saves you time and I must say, frees you from the usual stress of explaining to taxi drivers where you are going (because if you are not a Thai national, that would mean there is a language gap that has to be crossed). Before you get on a sky train, there is a location map for you to refer to at the station. When you have checked the map and the corresponding fares, you are now ready to drop your fare (in coins) at the appropriate slot and voila, you now have your precious ticket to ride 🙂
The BTS or sky train stations are in key locations in the city. If you take a Bangkok map, you can easily spot the places where you might be interested to visit. You can then check the nearest sky train or BTS station for you to get on and get off. You can then walk a short distance or take a cab, if this is really necessary. You don’t have a lot to explain this time since the distance is short enough and you don’t have to feel that maybe you’ re lost. As taking the sky train shortens your travel time, this also means more time for you to enjoy the City of Angels 🙂

Are you ready for your ride?

You need your ticket to go in & proceed to the waiting area or to go out from the station

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26 thoughts on “Going Around Bangkok”

  1. It looks like one interesting ride and exploring that would be. Never been to one like this before. Never to Bangkok either. Visiting via BPC.

  2. i got lots of friends based in bangkok right now. hopefully, someday, we can get to visit the place, too. great travel tips! 🙂
    bpc hop!

  3. beautiful and busy train station Sis Deli 🙂 Visiting late from #76 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  4. Toink! abi nako LRT/MRT sa Manila…BKK man diay ni hahaha. Neatt kaayo ila train station. Visiting late from BPC#76.

  5. The whole place is so clean and neat! Visiting from TT. Mine is up too hope you can drop by thanks!

  6. i love bangkok skytrain and subway…cheaper and easy plus very accessible, halos connecting sa lahat ng major malls and tourists destination. if not riding trains, we usually walk. feeling ko kasi mas grabe pa po ang traffic dito kaysa dyan sa pinas! 🙂 visiting from RHT, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

  7. as always, train will save you from traffic. I would love to visit bangkok someday.
    Was here for TT, I appreciate if you visit my entry

  8. I agree on the convenience it gives to the commuters. LUkcy are those who stayed in areas where there are BTS stations ^^
    Thank you for joining last week, sis. I miss making an entry this week but surely next week, an entry will be up.

  9. I never ride a train only subway once in the city 🙂 very clean station too Sis Deli 🙂 Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

  10. Visiting back for last week’s Tuesday Travels! Thanks, for always joining! If you haven’t yet, TT this week is now open! 🙂

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