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Back to Bangkok

The first international trip that my husband and I were able to do together was in Thailand in 2011.
I have had trips to Thailand as a single person but it was really special to be able to travel to the Land of Angels with my husband. I found some photos of our trip in my computer and I thought of sharing them. I realized that there were so many stories and details in that trip that were left untold even though I have been blogging for some time and I thought of sharing them here.
We first went to Chiang Mai to attend an international conference and then we spent several days in Bangkok. We met up with friends. Part of our stay in Bangkok was spent at a hotel, thanks to a friend who facilitated this; we also spent a couple of days at a friend’s house.
Below are some of our Bangkok memories:
This photo is from our hotel room in Bangkapi area. If you are wondering why there is no traffic, it is because parts of Bangkok were flooded that time and the people opted to go to the towns to escape the flooding. Fortunately, flooding did not really come to the area where we were based so we still had some fun time then 🙂
This was taken at the King’s Royal Park as the sun was about to set. With me in the photo are Ria and Roy, children of our good friends, Raya and Joey who were based then in Bangkok. The park features a botanical garden, there is also a museum dedicated to the life of the King. There is so much to explore at the park so I suggest that if you ever check it out, make sure you have a couple of hours or more to enjoy the park.
As I mentioned, it was flooding in certain parts of Bangkok during our trip. There was also a very timely art exhibit that time in keeping with a theme on flooding. We checked out the exhibit at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.
There are cool malls to explore in Bangkok. That’s why some would call the city a shopper’s paradise. As we checked out the malls there, we were informed that Madame Tussauds had already begun operations in Bangkok. And so my husband just had to take a pose with his favorite action guy, Jackie Chan (with his wax figure, that is) 🙂
We were thankful to God for the opportunity to explore Thailand together. And yes, we are grateful to family and friends who encouraged and helped us in many ways to make the trip not only possible but enjoyable 🙂

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