Are You Ready to See Japan?

Indeed, if you were asked today, would you say you are ready for Japan? Are you ready to walk its streets, eat its distinct cuisine, enjoy its culture?
This island country located in East Asia has so much to offer for the traveler in you. There is something to discover in each city of Japan, in each of its prefecture. And before you fly off to Nippon-koku, there’s a way to help you prepare for your trip there. There is a way to know your way forward and it is accessible to you and me through MY TOP 10 JAPAN website.

 photo nachi_zpsuolh2uk7.jpg
Nachi Taisha, Kii Mountains of Japan. Photo:

Know what Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and the rest that Japan has to offer. Find out more about the tourist destinations, food, events and the culture that awaits you in Japan through MY TOP 10 JAPAN. 
Go ahead and check out the site and say yes to being ready to step into “The Land of the Rising Sun”.

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