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Adventure Awaits in Catigbian

My husband and I together with our family and friends had the chance to drop by at the “GREAT Catigbian at DATE Park” in Bohol one late afternoon last October. We checked it out after bringing some friends over to Sagbayan Peak in Sagbayan.  By the way, GREAT means Green Recreational Eco-Adventure Tour while DATE means Dagook Adventure Tour Experience.
Due to time constraints, we were not actually able to try on everything that the park has to offer. At the 20-hectare natural forest reserve, you get to experience the canopy walk, the monkey bridge and the mountain slide (with the 200-meter zipline over the Sampilangon River). You get to follow trails as well down and about the Sampilangon River and the Dagook Falls. You need to wear the park’s protective gear, of course, as you make your way in this eco-adventure. The whole adventure with the needed gear will cost you P750 (about 19 USD).
Going to the town of Catigbian where the park is located will take a 30-minute ride by private car from Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s capital.  It will take one hour and a half by public transport (buses).
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6 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits in Catigbian”

  1. Oh how beautiful and interesting place to visit. I told my husband that when we go back to Pinas to see my family, I want to visit Bohol and explore all the places that can be explored. I hear a lot of people visiting Bohol and it is no wonder why people to go visit the island of Bohol. I have never been there and I really want to go someday. :)Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dream destination ko din ang Bohol.. Gusto ko ma-experience yung floating restaurant po ba yun? At gustong-gusto ko marinig na kumakanta ng live yung Loboc Children’s Choir.. I have relatives in Tagbilaran, Bohol.. =)

  3. That is such a nice place to visit for nature adventurer, Sis! The photos look so inviting! I hope to visit that place someday! 😀
    BPC hopping! Thanks a lot for joining!

  4. sounds like an awesome place to go for somebody who loves adventure. i would like to visit this place and try those things u mentioned. 750 is not bad…
    BPC hop!

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