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5 Best Outdoor Saltwater Pools in Australia

Salt water pools in Australia are preferred over chlorine pools because it is a more natural choice. Chlorine kills germs, but it has a distinctive odor, dries the hair, may cause cancer and can change a person’s fertility. Skin and eye irritations are also common. If you want to enjoy a saltwater pool in Australia, there are five that are recommended.

1. Sheraton Mirage Resort

Sheraton Mirage Resort in Port Douglas is one of the most beautiful salt water pools in Australia. The lagoon consists of two hectares. The best part of the lagoon is the tropical gardens surrounding the lagoon spread over one-hundred and thirty hectares of tropical gardens. This five star resort and pool features a sandy beach and an award-winning golf course. Many times throughout the year, jellyfish are placed the salt water.

2. Marriott Surfers Paradise Resort

Marriott Surfers Paradise Resort also has its own salt water lagoon. This resort features numerous blue lagoons, waterfalls and ponds. The resort is coveted for its coral reef and tropical fish. Snorkelling and scuba diving excursions are the best ways to view this area. The white sandy beaches are great for relaxation, fun and frolicking.

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3. Hayman Island Resort

The entire Hayman Island Resort is built around the salt water pool. Guests staying on the lower floor can go out on the balcony and step directly into the pool. There is also an island in the middle of the pool with a bar and tables and chairs to relax. This pool is magnificent and luxurious. It is one of the most famous pools in Australia. This pool is in the Australian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame.

4. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World

The Gold Coast Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World is known for its incredible saltwater pools and incredible water slides. The wave pools feature one metre waves and three million litres of salt water. Visitors are excited and delighted by the water slides and Dive-in Theatre. Most people float around the pool or lounge in a deckchair.

5. Oaks Pacific Blue Resort

The Oaks Pacific Blue Resort is found in Port Stephens. The beaches on this resort are secluded and not spoiled. Many people fish and relax on this resort. The tropical gardens are serene and soothing. When not in the saltwater pools, guests can stay in the studio apartments. Some studio apartments have swim-outs included. Private plunge pools are offered with town houses.

Select One of the Five Best Saltwater Pools in Australia

If you need a saltwater pool, you will be pleased with the ones you find in Australia. Consider these saltwater pools when you are travelling to Australia for a holiday. You will not be disappointed. There is a saltwater pool for all ages.
Written by Jamie Lovelock
Jamie is a gardening enthusiast. He uses PPG Brisbane to look after his pool and zen garden in his Brisbane home. Like most other Aussies, Jamie loves to spend his weekends in the backyard

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  1. Everybody loves water and pools, especially the kids. I really hope we could visit at least one outdoor saltwater pools in Australia in case makapunta kami dyan:)

  2. just by looking at that water makes me want to swim too. so clear and refreshing. It’s good that they use salt water instead of chlorine water. That’s how they do it in the public pool here too including water parks. All you can smell is chlorine.

  3. Saltwater pool has been so famous in Asia lately. One time when i went to the Philippines a year ago. i went to a saltwater pool too. Now, it’s in Australia! Wow, if i have given a chance to visit Australia, i would love to visit these saltwater pools you shared. thanks for some tips and ideas!

  4. The Salt Water should be check at least every 7 months or least than year to maintain a proper cleanliness
    I could say this because i see how the pool of my friend’s works. Salt water is good compare to chlorine.

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