Something Old and Beautiful

Some posts back, I mentioned about enjoying delicious seafood in Cebu. We sampled such a gastronomic treat at STK Ta Bay! sa Paolito’s Seafood House. But other than the food something caught our eyes while we there.

You see, in that Seafood House along Orchid St., Capitol Site, we also had the chance to see something, or maybe we should say some things which were old and yet beautiful. Apparently the owner enjoys collecting dated and antique objects. And I was quite happy to check out the stuff. For a moment, I thought of opening up a mini-museum some day 🙂  Ah, we are free to dream after all 🙂


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Delicious Seafood Awaits in Cebu

Yes, that’s what we had 🙂 We simply had delicious seafood in Cebu. On my way home to Mindanao from my Bohol trip, I dropped by Cebu with my sister (my sister was set to fly to Singapore).

As we have been eating too much meat during the past days while we were in Bohol, my sister and I looked forward to enjoying some seafood while we were in Cebu. And thanks to my sisters’s best friend, Josephine, we had that delectable experience at STK ta Bay! sa Paolito’s Seafood House along Orchid St. I especially enjoyed the Baked Clams among the dishes we ordered for lunch. Yummy! I must add that the food here is simply superb and at good prices, too!

I also felt a bit nostalgic going to the restaurant. You see, back in my college days while I was studying in Cebu, I lived along Don Mariano Cui St, just a block before Orchid St. where STK is located. I used to walk these familiar streets way back then. Time flies indeed!

Speaking of nostalgia, you will also have a taste of that visually, that is, while you are at STK. You see, they also have on display items from the past 🙂  To fully appreciate what I mean in terms of the food and ambiance of STK, you will have to check it out yourself 🙂

P.S. By the way STK or Sutukil means Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw. For my foreign readers, these three words are three different ways of preparing/cooking food especially fish and meat in the Philippines.

Truly delicious baked clams!
Truly delicious baked clams!


Still waiting for a couple more dishes.
Still waiting for a couple more dishes 🙂

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Travelling to Say Good Bye

We have to travel at times to say good bye to our loved ones and people close to our hearts who have gone ahead of us. Within a year, I had traveled twice to do so: for my first cousin Jeremiah “Jerry” Sales in Cavite and for my ninong and pastor, Jessup Bahinting in Cebu.

The suddenness of their deaths (at least to my human timetable) was quite a painful shock. Jerry had collapsed in their home that day in November, incurring a fatal head injury while Sir Jessup also figured in a fatal plane crash in Masbate last August. Jerry and I were still connecting through Facebook the week he passed away; Sir Jessup had asked me two months earlier to stay in their house (which I did) while I was in Cebu; I had hugged him, his wife and daughter before leaving for my flight home. Who would have thought those were my last moments with them?

I could still remember the stories they shared with me and yes, even the sound of their laughter. I will always remember Jerry’s simplicity, his gentleness. He was always willing to help. As for Sir Jessup, I would remember him best as the caring father I had while while I was growing up as an awkward, at times lonely teenager in Cebu in the 90’s while pursuing a college degree away from home, One of my most memorable moments with him was actually in Apo Island way back in 1996 during our church youth camp. Just to make sure that I would snorkel and see the beauty underneath the sea there, he swam along with me, holding me by the hand because I was not really a swimmer.

Ah, thank God for these men, for the beautiful memories they left behind not only to me but most especially to their families and many others. I should say here that I also traveled to their wakes and funerals not just to say good bye but to say see you again in the next life 🙂 You are missed but see you again!

My cousin, Jeremiah “Jerry” Sales


With Sir Jessup, Ma’am Margie & Sarah Bahinting and Vee (Cebu, June2012)