A Dinner and a Villa

It was good — both the dinner and the place. And I must add, the company 🙂

While in Bohol this month, I had the chance to visit Villa Alzhun. I had dinner there with my brother and his wife and yes, my former Biology teacher who is now overseeing the place, Ms. Judith Bomediano.

I must say that if you love the feel of just being in a quiet home by the sea while you are away from home, perhaps you should consider Villa Alzhun as your address while you are in Tagbilaran City or on a trip to the lovely island of Bohol.

Villa Alzhun was actually a well-appointed family residence but has been converted to what it is today. Thus, the place has a “homey” feel to it. Dining and conference areas have been added in to the original house. And so meetings and even wedding receptions have been held at Villa Alzhun. They also have a nice swimming pool, by the way. And so some Boholanos have been coming over the place for a meal and a good swim on some days 🙂

You may want to check out their website or even contact me for more information 🙂

Entrance to Villa Alzhun


The hotel’s swimming pool

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Breaking Through



My siblings and I were at Bohol Tropics Resort in Tabilaran City, Bohol one afternoon during vacation time. We were enjoying the view of Tagbilaran Bay while we ate some snacks. The sky was quite overcast and I was intrigued how the whole scene would look in a photo. And so I took the shot. This photo speaks to me of hope breaking through an overburdened sky.

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Look Ma, Birds!

Birds, birds, birds

I took this shot a couple of years ago while I was on vacation in Bohol. I was fascinated with the numerous birds resting on the electrical wires. This was taken near Tabilaran City’s Rizal Plaza, just across the Bohol Provincial Capitol.

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