Christmas Thoughts in September

It’s now the month of September. And because this month already ends with “ber”, I could not help but think about the Christmas season already.

Thinking about the Christmas season reminds me about the trips which I had taken in the past during Christmas time when I was still single and then later on when I was already married. There is a sense of celebration in the air, at least in countries where it is openly celebrated.

I am not yet sure if my hubby and I will be doing some Christmas travel this year. But I might just be writing some Christmas travel experiences I have had in the past in the coming days and months 🙂


Christmas lanterns we saw during our trip to Sagbayan, Bohol in December 2010.

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One More Cave Story

If caves interest you, you must know that there are caves in Bohol that you could check out.

One cave that is quite accessible for you to see is located within Panglao Island Nature Resort (PINR). Whether you are at PINR for a day visit or staying in the resort, make time to check out the Cambagat Cave. And I would say, you really should, especially if your daily life is all about city living. I think exploring caves helps us to reconnect not only with nature but to also reflect what life could have been like if we do not have houses 🙂

Bohol (Tagbilaran City is its capital) is about an hour and a half flight from Manila. You could also easily travel to Bohol from Cebu via fast craft (only 1 and half hour). There are also overnight boat trips from Nasipit and Cagayan de Oro to Bohol. PINR is about 20 minutes from Tagbilaran.




cave 7


Those Lovely Blossoms Will Do



As I was looking at some of my old photos of Christmases past, I saw this shot of a flowering Bougainvillea plant taken during a December trip to Bohol. I remember asking my husband to take a photo of the lovely plant. And my reason?

Somehow the color of the flowering Bougainvillea reminded me of Cherry Blossoms which I would so love to see blooming in Japan some day.  But while that wish hasn’t come true yet, the beautiful view of the Bougainvillea will do 🙂



Breakfast Delights

When we were in Bohol last October for my sister’s wedding, we also stayed at the Peacock Garden Luxury Resort  and Spa where her wedding was held.

Our stay already includes a daily, sumptuous breakfast which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was served at the Old Heidelberg. And although, there was a seemingly endless supply of breads, fruits, cereals and more each morning, we also have the added choice of ordering our breakfast meal for the day. The result? We were satisfied breakfast eaters.

By the way, they serve German Classics and International Cuisine at the Old Heidelberg in Peacock Garden. And just to let you know, they do have a German chef whipping up delicious recipes 🙂


We enjoyed our daily sumptuous breakfast here.
We enjoyed our daily sumptuous breakfast here.


My nephew seemingly undecided what to eat first :)
My nephew seemingly undecided what to eat first 🙂

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