The Right Wedding Venue


What is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a bride-to-be seven weeks before her wedding day? In my case, it was finding out that the beach resort my fiancé and I have arranged for as our wedding venue won’t be available for our use on our wedding day! Well, no thanks to a booking blunder made by that resort’s staff. But thank God for friends who helped us with our need for another wedding venue. We found ourselves with new arrangements with a resort which was not only beautiful in its look and feel but so was its service.

And so on our wedding day, on a cool, a bit drizzling late afternoon in November 2009, my fiance and I exchanged our vows at the beautiful Verdant Pavilion of Panglao Island Nature Resort (PINR) in Bohol, Philippines. Although no longer Bohol-based, my fiance and I had chosen to marry in our place of birth with our closest family members and loved ones in attendance. I loved the green walls of nature surrounding us during the ceremony which was held inside the Pavilion. The food was great at the reception and so was the service given to us throughout the event and in the succeeding days that my husband and I stayed on at the resort for our honeymoon.

Thanks to PINR’s management and staff, I would be able to say as a Boholana that we do not only have natural treasures in Bohol that could draw international attention and admiration but we also have a world-class resort with excellent, personalized service which we thankfully found during the most opportune time.

Check out PINR’s website:

History in a Seat


History fascinates me. And so when I travel, even without meaning to,  I always end up getting facts and photos of a historical place, some artifacts and the people behind them.

On a trip to Bohol, Philippines with my hubby, we dropped by Baclayon church. It is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. By the way, Bohol is my land of birth.

Adjacent to the church is a convent which has been transformed into a museum. What caught my interest as we went inside the church were some antiquated pews. These pews were said to be of use during the Spanish time (during the 1500’s-1800’s when the Philippines was made a colony of Spain). Apparently, if you were a government official during those times, your pew or seat would have a specific seal or design.

The photo shows one of the wooden pews, reddish brown in color, with the remarkable seal on it.



UPDATE: Bohol was hit by an Intensity 7.2 earthquake last October 15, 2013. Baclayon church incurred heavy damages.

The World’s 87th Top City

Kadayawan Festival, Davao city (

In 2007, I had the chance to live in Davao city to pursue post graduate studies. Why Davao? Ah, there were several factors why (like my school preference, the assurance of a friend of a place to stay there, the city’s nearness to a sibling’s address in Mindanao, Philippines, among others).

I must say that when I did live in Davao for 7 months, I loved the place. It was clean. It has all the city amenities you need (or maybe I should say I need) but like most Mindanao cities, it still has a lot of green and vacant land you can see as you navigate your way through it. It’s not all concrete and building.

I do think Davao city can very well be a great place to reside in as well as an interesting travel destination . I don’t think I can ever convince my husband to relocate there though but I can just content myself  in visiting the place from time to time. Below is the link of the news article on Davao being the world’s 87th top city.