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World's Five Best Airports for Duty Free Shopping

See, buy, fly! Savvy retailers have made their goods available to be browsed and purchased at airports around the world, offering desirable items at tempting tax-free prices. Duty-free shopping debuted in 1947 at Ireland’s Shannon Airport, providing travellers with access to untaxed tobacco and alcohol. Today, with millions of people finding themselves with hours to…

By admindel February 15, 2013 2

My Top 3 Dream Destinations

It is summertime in this part of the world, the Philippines, and during this time, a number would be thinking of going away, travelling for a summer break. And for this month of April, the country (which is predominantly Catholic) had holidays from work beginning April 5-6 (Holy Thursday and Holy Friday). April 9, Monday…

By admindel April 15, 2012 5