MELBOURNE – The most liveable city in the world

I just came back from Manila where I have stayed for the last 6 months. I was driving home from Melbourne airport when I steered the car on the freeway, I marvelled at the fact that there’s no bumper-to-bumper traffic! I could feel the clean crisp air, and I could see the rays of the …

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Things to Do When You Travel on a Budget

There are certainly many things you can do when you travel, when you explore a new city or town. While you may think that a trip will always cost you money, there are also things you can do which will mean a minimal cost for you, if at all. Below are some suggestions, based on my …

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Asia Going...Gone! Oceania

4 Places to See the Humble Dugong

Occasionally mistaken for a particularly portly bottlenose, the charmingly placid Dugong is a fascination for many aquatic enthusiasts, though hardly the life of the party. While whales, seals and dolphins will frolick alongside the sterns of sea-slicing ships, the humble though extraordinary sea cow is shy, preferring quiet luscious underwater meadows and warm, shallow waters. …

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