An Afternoon at the Park Mall

I had the chance this month to travel to Cebu and Bohol. As I’ve always said, there is always something new to discover, learn and enjoy as we step out of our own homes into other places 🙂

I must mention here that for a change, I did not go to the usual malls I used to visit while I am in the Queen City of the South. This time I checked out Cebu City’s Park Mall which is just a 10-minute taxi ride from the Cebu sea port (specifically from Pier 1, where the Ocean Jet fast craft terminal is located). This is a good option for any traveler just stepping out of a boat or fast craft. It’s about 45 minutes from Mactan airport (taking note of the traffic, of course).

Park Mall not only has fast food places and restaurants to spend time filling your tummy, it also has a supermarket as well as coffee shops. What is also interesting and nice about this mall is you can bring your pets to the area. It has open places where you and the family can spend time with (and with your pet dog, if you like). For instance, you have the option to enjoy your KFC or Mcdonald’s meal inside the air conditioned area or just outside, with the view of the sky and with plants nearby 🙂  I also love the idea of having coffee on a sofa in the open air. This is something one could do at Park Mall. But as I was too happy chatting with friends over a meal, I actually forgot to have that coffee. Well, next time, I’ll find time and the best spot for that coffee 🙂

Park Mall, Cebu City

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Revisiting Cebu

I have been trying to book several times this week for a trip to Cebu and Bohol in a couple of months. Having lived in Cebu for about a decade, there are several special friendships that I want to revisit there along with some of my favorite places. Ah, thank God for unexpected opportunities to travel. I look forward to this trip 🙂

My favorite part of Ayala Center Cebu 🙂

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A Snapshot of College Life

Once upon a time in Cebu, I tried taking up a medical related course.

I took one year of Physical Therapy and knew for sure that I could not last another year hunched over preserved life forms (like frogs and cats and then the human cadaver if I had stayed on with the course) with the smell of formalin haunting my frail existence after stepping out of the laboratory.  It was just a year really but it was a pretty memorable year to me. Perhaps it was because I was living away from home. It was my first year of well, a kind of independence (not full independence since my parents and my sister spent for my studies and lodging). And I would say memorable because I had such cool friends, classmates in Cebu Doctors’ College (now Cebu Doctors’ University). They are still stuck in my memory – together with their laughter, jokes, songs. Who says college life, college classmates can be easily forgotten? 

As the digital camera was not yet a craze in the ’90s, we had so limited shots. Below is one shot thankfully taken by our good friend and classmate, Aser 🙂

A fun day outside school walls

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