New Places Explored in 2016

I have to admit it was all unexpected but 2016 proved to be a year of new travels for me 🙂 I was given the opportunity to travel 3 new places this year:

  • Bukidnon – my very first trip to the “Baguio City” of Mindanao, Philippines happened last May. I had the chance to experience the beauty of Dahilayan. More about it on a coming post.
 photo 33cb8cf3-87e8-4d87-8af9-0291ebf2e1ef_zpsp3dkxhrt.jpg
Feeling cool and relaxed in Dahilayan, Bukidnon.
  • Kalibo – I discovered that this laid-back city is actually another cool gateway to the world-famous Boracay beach in the Visayas, Philippines aside from Caticlan. I will be writing more about this October trip to Kalibo soon.
 photo 6e291cb0-906a-4046-bd78-33fabcf5db5d_zpstpnvbgqk.jpg
Back in Boracay via Kalibo this time after more than a decade.
  • New Zealand – My husband and I had the amazing opportunity to explore both the North Island and South Island of this beautiful country very recently. In fact, we just arrived from this trip yesterday 🙂  And yes, you will be hearing more about our lovely time there right here in this blog.
 photo 186786a5-8190-4c1c-910f-b62248c7f4ae_zps9fiitgaf.jpg
Feeling cold but happy in Hamilton, New Zealand.

I am grateful to God for surprising me with these trips this year. While I had a desire and plan to travel to new places this year, I did not actually think at first that it would be possible 🙂  And so I am reminded of that saying: “be careful of what you wish for, you might actually get it.” Well, I am glad with what I got so far 🙂

The Need for Quality Hotel Bathrobes, Towels and Foot Mats

Did you stay at a hotel in your last vacation? Did they provide you with quality personalized bathrobes? How about their hotel bath towels, hand towels, face towels and foot mat? Were these of good quality as well, personalized and customized?

The kind of bathrobes, towels and foot mat we are provided during our hotel stay does matter in making our time there comfortable and worth the price we pay for. And thankfully, there are companies that make sure we do get the quality we need for these items. Right here in the Philippines, Eco PureTech Trading is making that their goal.

Eco PureTech Trading can supply quality bathrobes for hotels and spas with these available fabrics: Terry, Microfiber, Waffle and Cotton. And when they say they can provide personalized bathrobes, this means they will ensure its logo printing which can either be through embroidery, jacquard or silkscreen print. There are different colors to choose from.

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Eco PureTech Trading accepts a minimum order of 50 pieces for bathrobes as well as for their customized and personalized bath towels, hand towels, face towels and foot mat.

Image may contain: shoes

Eco PureTech Trading is also able to supply towels in different colors. Check them out:

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Less you are tempted to think that Eco PureTech Trading is just like any other supplier of hotel hygiene and housekeeping products, think again. True to its name, this Philippine registered company is focused on getting out there eco-friendly and biodegradable products specifically designed for industrial and institutional use. And they aim to provide not only quality but also cost-effective products. They can tell the world that their products resulted from research and development, using the latest development technique in biotechnology.

Check out Eco PureTech Trading’s website for more information on what they can offer. You can also check out and follow their Facebook page CDO Amenities Supplies and see the latest items available to pre-order now.

It Is Well

The first week of the year proved to be already challenging for my husband and me.  How does one brave challenges through life?

Well, we do things that help us cope. Like focusing on people we love, focusing on the good things that we have been given, blessed with. I count the opportunities to travel specifically from the previous year as one of that.

 photo 1af7bbfb-87ed-4d6c-8edf-1c972173aedf_zpsobtwiyjv.jpg
New Zealand trip in November.

And I set my eyes on the Author and Finisher of my faith.

I can say then, despite what challenges life may bring us, that it is well with my soul.