Touring and Playing Music

Musicians travel a good number of time not just to visit sights but to play in concerts and other major events. During such tours, it matters then the kind of instruments, amplifiers and other equipment they bring along and use. Can these satisfy the quality they need? Can these beat and bear the possible wear and tear that comes with […]

The Number 1 Sight in the World

Just last year, based on votes gathered by Lonely Planet,ย Angkor Wat topped as the Number 1 sight to visit in the world. It was a landslide victory, actually. Check out the Lonely Planet video and find out why the Angkor Wat deserves a space in your travel bucket list and budget ๐Ÿ™‚

Still Cozy in Winter

When winter comes, we must be ready for the cool and chill it brings. Being ready for winter means getting not only the clothes you need to keep warm but also those items and tools to help keep you warm and yes, cozy despite the weather. It’s a good thing to know then whether a particular brand can indeed be […]

Travel Photo of the Week 21 – The View Up There

I thought this photo is such a magnificent shot and thankfully, my cousin Jeshua Sales agreed to have this featured here in this blog. This was taken at Mt. Cabuyao/Mt. Sto. Tomas, Tuba, Benguet during one of his many trips. Our hats off to Koi Grey for taking this captivating photo ๐Ÿ™‚  

Are You Ready to See Japan?

Indeed, if you were asked today, would you say you are ready for Japan? Are you ready to walk its streets, eat its distinct cuisine, enjoy its culture? This island country located in East Asia has so much to offer for the traveler in you. There is something to discover in each city of Japan, in each of its prefecture. […]

Travel Photo of the Week 20

Last December, Daryl and I had the opportunity to travel again to Surigao, this time with friends from church. One of the places we checked out was the Tinago Holiday Resort. We get to sail across the river on that raft that Daryl is standing on ๐Ÿ™‚ The sun was hot but a swim in the river was cool.

Summertime in Phuket 1

I had originally thought of writing one single post about that lovely summer when Alice (my co-author of this blog) and I together with our husbands (Daryl and Geoff) and friend, Gloria spent several days in Phuket. But then there were so many lovely memories and so many photos (!) that I thought I should really just write 2 or […]