Cheap International Calls Made Possible

Communication is important even when we travel or should we say, especially when we travel. The distance in miles from friends or loved ones and with work mates and business partners does not mean we can not continue to open lines of communication with them especially so in this age of advanced technology. And there is an efficient and cheap means […]

Travel Photo of the Week 22

Ah, the pine trees of Dahilayan, a barangay in the province of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon remind me of the pine trees in Baguio City. In fact, I would say that the place can be counted as the Baguio City of Mindanao. The photo above was taken during a trip to Bukidnon last May when  I was invited for a speaking […]

The Top 3 Must Haves to Equip Your New Boat

You finally bought a new boat, but it came equipped with simple basics. As a matter of fact, depending on the model and type, the entire interior is probably bare, except for the usual seats and make-it-go gadgets. If this is your first boat, or if you are simply unsure about what you might need, keep reading to learn about […]

Summertime in Phuket 2

Finally, here’s the follow up post on our special summer in Phuket, Thailand which I first wrote about here. For this post, I would just like to share some more photos of Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club in Mai Khao, Thalang – our home away from home while in Phuket.  There will be one more post about our island hopping in Phuket, so […]

Packing Efficiently for Your Next Trip

Where are you heading next for your coming trip? With travelling, of course, comes the time of packing before you step out of your home. And I believe that the more efficient we pack, the smoother our travel is 🙂  It also means just bringing the right amount of clothes and actually finding what you need for your trip right […]

A Night of Music

One of the most relaxing things you can do during a trip, especially if you are staying at a hotel is to listen to live music being performed at the hotel lobby or at the hotel’s main restaurant or dining area. It can be a perfect end to your full day of doing business or sightseeing. The music is either […]