Hidden Oasis 12 km away from Melbourne CBD

Going north away from Melbourne CBD (Central Business District), a mere 20-minute drive, more or less 30 minute-train or tram ride, lies a hidden oasis not yet known to many tourists.

Picturesque Coburg Lake Reserve

Coburg Lake Reserve is a good spot for picnics with barbeque facilities and playground for kids. Walking tracks all around the reserve will take you to delightful areas, waiting to be discovered as your own favourite spot.
Beautiful spot to relax

Seats of different kinds and sizes are scattered around the park. One sunny but slightly cool afternoon in August I plonked myself onto one of the wooden seats fronting the lake. I was soon engrossed in reading the book I brought with me.
Plenty of wildlife in the Reserve

The squawking of the ducks and swans make me look up from time to time. They were fighting over a piece of bread thrown by a child who was sitting by the edge of the lake under the watchful eye of her older sister.
I was grateful for the interruption and decided it is time to stretch my legs. I walked around the park and took some photos.
This is my favourite spot of the park

The Reserve used to be a bluestone quarry in the early 1900s. The rocks were dug out by prisoners and were used to form the walls of Pentridge Prison, that was just opposite the reserve.
Getting There
Here’s the way to get to Coburg Lake Reserve from the CBD by public transport.
Tram – take Tram 19 from Elizabeth Street and get off at the corner of Sydney Road and Gaffney St. Walk east along Gaffney St till you find the entrance.
Train – from Flinders Station take the Upfield Line and get off at Batman Station then walk along Gaffney Street till you find the entrance to the lake just after crossing Sydney Road.
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Hidden Oasis 12 km away from Melbourne CBD — You are here
Text & Photos by Alicia Davis

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