From El Nido we took Lexus Shuttle Service to Sabang. Don’t mistake their name for the vans that they have. They do not have Lexus automobiles. It’s the only shuttle service that goes to Sabang from El Nido. The vans carry passengers from El Nido (EN) to Puerto Princesa (PP) but they can drop people off at the junction in Salvacion for another van. We left El Nido at about 10 o’clock in the morning and arrived at Salvacion junction around 2pm. We then waited for another van coming from PP on the way to Sabang to pick us up. Lexus organizes all this which takes the hassle off me. The cost is Php900/person (US$20) from El Nido to Sabang.
We got seats in the front of the van beside the driver. He told me that he just came from Puerto Princesa and they left early in the morning. He only had about half an hour rest and Lexus operator asked him to travel back straightaway. He was meant to go back in the afternoon (after a longer rest break). I was keeping my eye on the driver in case he got tired. I noticed he kept eating candy in order to stay awake. He did have a rest once we stopped for 30 minutes in Taytay.
You can also take the bus that goes to PP but I was told that it gets tricky waiting for vans from PP going to Sabang in the afternoon (as you haven’t booked the whole trip with Lexus, and also the bus is likely to get to Salvacion later in the day, and you may have missed the PP to Sabang van). The shuttle may cost more compared to a bus fare but it takes the hassle of organizing off your hands.

Overnight stay here

I made arrangements to stay at Balay-balay Travel Lodge (Php2000/night), air-conditioned room with a bathroom and a shower. All the other places were fully booked when I inquired. The place has the basics for an overnight stay. Electricity is only available in Sabang between 6pm-6am. We sprayed some bug spray just to make sure that no mosquitoes will be fed (on us during the night) as the bathroom window doesn’t have an insect screen on it and we could see a few flying about.
We settled in for the night ready for tomorrow’s visit to Sabang’s famous Underground River.
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Text & Photos by Alicia Davis

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