LAKE COMO – day trip and transport strike (2 of 2)

To continue the exciting adventure (and whether I caught the plane)….
After about 2 hours of traversing and stopping on little villages in our Batello, we docked in a town called Bellagio, known as the “pearl of Lake Como”. If you look at the map at the start of the previous post, the village of Bellagio is positioned at the center where the two legs of the lake come together. Bellagio has a panoramic view of the lake. I decided to get off here and have a look at the village.

The docking station at the village of Bellagio

The village has picturesque stone lanes and stairways with colorful shops along the way. Gelato bars, cafes, and restaurants also line the buildings just in front of the docking station. The sun was warming up so I stopped by a gelato bar and bought a cone before plopping down on a cobbled stairway.
The cobbled alleys, porticos and stepped streets that lead up from the lakeside with colorful shops along each side.

I had a look around the place with my new friend, pausing every so often to take pictures of each other.
From Bellagio, I planned to take the aliscafo which is a fast service hydrofoil but the attendant at the station said that a Batello is coming soon and he is not sure when the aliscafo will be in. At least I knew from the timetable that the Batello would be back in Como before 5pm. Not wanting to miss my transport in Como, I hopped onto the Batello.
I arrived in Como with an hour to spare so I had a walk around town and took some more photos. I did read that even though Como borders Switzerland, it is still very much Italian, complete with people laughing accompanied with the famous Italian hand gestures.
Duomo di Como

The cathedral (Duomo in Italian) in Como was built with mixed Gothic and Renaissance styles. It is commonly described as the last gothic cathedral built in Italy. If you are interested in history – building the cathedral was started in 1396, and lasted more than three hundred years to 1740.
This is the square in front of the Cathedral where the crowd can sit in little shops and restaurants whiling the time away.

The dome of the cathedral seen from the back.

The roof material (the green colored bit) I think is copper. Did you know that when new, copper is reddish brown in color? Overtime the surface corrodes and doesn’t corrode any further after it goes green.
When it was close to 5 o’clock I hurried back to the station to see what is going on with my transport. Finally my heart soared when I heard the train that I came in that morning roared back to life. I purchased my ticket and boarded for Saronno station. At Saronno station, I bought a ticket, changed trains, and I was on my way to Malpensa Airport. When I turned up my husband was already in the check-in line and there was a great look of relief on his face when he saw me.
As I was sitting in the airport lounge waiting for our flight, I reflected on how gorgeous the day had turned out. I’m glad I stepped out and took the chance despite the threat of a transport strike in an unfamiliar country and culture. The adventure and uncertainty made the trip all the more worthwhile.
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Text & Photos by Alicia Davis

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