Children’s Activities in the Languedoc Region

Languedoc is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination for families with children, and it’s easy to see why. This beautiful part of the South of France is home to some fantastic outdoor activities and attractions specifically created for children, meaning you won’t have to face the dreaded cries of ‘I’m bored!’ If that isn’t enough to make you read on, we don’t know what is…

The first thing we’d recommend is booking your family into a family friendly villa for your trip. This is handy because it means you’ll have your very own pool for the kids to splash around in without having to worry about other guests at your accommodation, and they can make as much noise as they like without disturbing anyone. Also, if you’ve rented a car to get around, you’ll always have a guaranteed place to park!

All children love waterparks, and Languedoc has more than its fair share. La Bouscarasse is widely agreed to be one of the best in the region with its large main pool and range of water slides which are appropriate for younger and older children. There are also lots of inflatables available if they’d prefer a gentle float. There’s a picnic area and indoor restaurant to suit any eating plan and schedule.

There are lots of farms in the area complete with petting zoos, because as we all know, children love getting up close and personal with little creatures! One of our favourites is La Ferme du Dolmen with its free-roaming peacocks. Here you will find all the usual farm animals, such as cows, sheep and donkeys, and the farm is set over a large space so you can easily spend an entire day here enjoying the spectacular views of rural Languedoc.

If you’re going to the Languedoc with little ones, you can’t not go to the Haribo Museum. Yes, you read that right. There’s a museum dedicated to everyone’s favourite sugary treat! If the weather takes a turn for the worse, this is the perfect spot to let the children sample cola bottles, fried eggs, foam hearts and any of their other favourites. Just be sure to do something active afterwards so they can burn off all that sugar!

There are few children who don’t like getting in touch with the great outdoors, and Languedoc is the ideal place to do this. Whether it’s a leisurely canoeing session down a river, riding a horse through the countryside or simply an afternoon hike along a winding country path, it’s a great chance to get the family moving and appreciating nature, which we can all agree can only be a good thing!

Kids can also enjoy canoeing in Languedoc. Photo credit:
Kids can also enjoy canoeing in Languedoc. Photo credit:


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Chrissie Tyler has been taking her young family to the south of France for the past three years and can’t get enough of everythinh the region has to offer

5 of the Cheapest Countries to Visit for the Budget Backpacker

There’s simply nothing like backpacking. It allows you to truly experience your destination in a way that is both intimate and unforgettable. With many destinations becoming increasingly expensive and more tourists getting involved in backpacking, it can be hard to know where to go that still offers the best value for money. To help you plan your next adventure, here are 5 of the cheapest countries to visit for the budget backpacker.


There’s a reason why Thailand seems to top every backpackers travel list, and it comes down to the incredible experience that you can have on a budget. Thailand is a country full of absolutely magnificent scenery, rich cultural heritage and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Accommodation is inexpensive, the shopping is full of unbeatable bargains and the food is cheap yet sensational. All of this combines to create a trip which ticks all the boxes for a budget backpacker.



If you want to experience a real Mediterranean style escape on a budget, make sure you head to Albania. There’s a range of stunning golden beaches, rich architecture and historical attractions, amazing mountain hikes, and everything is far cheaper than a trip to Greece or Italy. If you haven’t already had a taste of what Albania has to offer, make sure you add it to your travel bucket list.

Costa Rica

For the perfect dose of Caribbean culture on the cheap, head to Costa Rica. You’ll have a wealth of stunning natural attractions to explore, such as volcanoes, amazing lakes, pristine beaches and breathtaking rainforests. The chance to swim in the plentiful waterfalls, hot springs and natural swimming holes throughout this beautiful country is truly an unforgettable experience.


An absolute must for any budget backpacker is a trip to Turkey. The incredibly rich culture and sense of history is fascinating, and when you team this with cheap accommodation and a reputation for delicious food, it’s easy to see why so many students make this a must-see destination. Turkey offers the perfect balance of Eastern and Western influences, and boasts an incredible array of churches, museums and traditional food markets to discover.


For a wealth of natural beauty, you simply can’t go past Indonesia. Thousands of pristine islands await exploration, filled with deep jungles and incredible beaches surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. Sumba Island is a great place to start for backpackers with a love of sand, sun, surf and snorkelling.

It doesn’t matter where you end up, you need to stay connected. For safety reasons, most backpackers choose to travel with their mobile phone at all times, however this can lead to seriously expensive bills once you get back home. Check out for a quick and easy solution that lets you stay in touch without blowing your budget. With no massive bills to worry about, you can focus on enjoying these incredible budget backpacking destinations!


Written by Emma Jane