World’s Safest Cities

Is safety a major concern for you when you travel? After all, no one wants to come home after a trip with a slashed bag (minus your cash and credit cards) or worse, a broken limb.

Below is a list we have culled from CNN International as to the safest cities in the world as of 2015 to set your foot on:

    1. Tokyo
    2. Singapore
    3. Osaka, Japan
    4. Stockholm
    5. Amsterdam
    6. Sydney
    7. Zurich
    8. Toronto
    9. Melbourne, Australia
    10. New York
    11. Hong Kong
    12. San Francisco

So which of these cities is your next travel destination? 🙂

Singapore ranks 2nd in the safest cities of the world.

Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

It has been 7 years since our last visit to Singapore. So much has been changed and a lot has been added since 2007. One of those additions was Gardens by the Bay, a massive 101 hectares of reclaimed land that is added to central Singapore.

25-30 meters tall of uniquely designed vertical gardens with a bridge that connects the trees.
The trees can be up to 16- storeys in height.

It was muggy and humid late in the afternoon, when we got there. We only walked around the outside and later on positioned ourselves in the bridge going to Marina Bay Sands to see the light show at 7.45pm.

It was a worthwhile visit as the Supertree Grove light display was spectacular.

The light show did not disappoint, it was amazing!
We had a good view, except we couldn’t hear the music very well.
The colors of a rainbow
A variety of colors that illuminate the sky
Gardens by the bay light show and sound

Text & Photos by Alicia Davis