It Is Well

The first week of the year proved to be already challenging for my husband and me.  How does one brave challenges through life?

Well, we do things that help us cope. Like focusing on people we love, focusing on the good things that we have been given, blessed with. I count the opportunities to travel specifically from the previous year as one of that.

And I set my eyes on the Author and Finisher of my faith.

I can say then, despite what challenges life may bring us, that it is well with my soul.

On Piano-Playing

Music is said to be the language of the soul. Perhaps that is why when we need to be reflective and when we need to sort out our emotions music can help us.

Now more than listening to music, a number of us would like to try learning how to play it by our self. And so we pick up guitars or go for the piano or keyboard. Now what may help aspiring piano players whether child or adult is to get their hands on piano for dummies. Who knows, you could very well be unleashing the musician in you 🙂 You and I can always try.

The good thing about musical instruments and products now is you can easily access and order them via the internet. And you can get them at a good price, too. If you haven’t tried shopping online yet, perhaps it’s also time to give it a try. And then you can go ahead and play that piano right in your very own home.

Making Time for Music

What are the things that are important to you? Well, when asked this question we could perhaps easily rattle off some things which we say are important to us. But I think those things which are really that significant to us can be clearly identified based on the things we spent the most time on 🙂

The actual time we spent with our family then tells us how important it is in our lives.  What about the time we spend on our careers, our hobbies? If we say music — playing music is that important to us then we would probably spend hours doing it. That could even include the time we spend online on sites like the guitar center official website to search for a musical instrument or accessory we need.

Where we spend most of our time with — that shows which things are really that important to us.