Summertime in Phuket 2

Finally, here’s the follow up post on our special summer in Phuket, Thailand which I first wrote about here.

For this post, I would just like to share some more photos of Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club in Mai Khao, Thalang – our home away from home while in Phuket.  There will be one more post about our island hopping in Phuket, so you can watch out for that 🙂

Below are some more shots of the resort:

Ah, I loved the orchids in the lobby 🙂
Objects are carved on the wall in the lobby. So creative!

There is a large pool or body of water which can be seen while walking along the lobby. This is not for swimming though but definitely refreshing to the eyes 🙂

Notice the pool to our right in the photo.
A beautiful play of light and darkness on the pool.
I enjoyed this view every time we are in the main hotel lobby 🙂

And yes, there is more to explore whether by night or by day in the resort 🙂 You can check out the shops and restaurants within the hotel as well as other “picture perfect areas” there.

There are restaurants to choose from right within the resort.
 photo 58713b31-4a8b-4b75-a465-9be1b1083c80_zpstoh6tnt9.jpg
We passed this whenever we head for the swimming area.
 photo 5516d99a-2aa5-46e6-a197-e81dcf0d794c_zpsaeysgeen.jpg
Part of the resort which can be seen from the beachfront.
Hubby enjoying nature and the sea breeze at the beachfront 🙂

If you are wondering how the resort swimming pools or our rooms look like, check out my first post here. Stay tuned for my post on our island hopping adventure in Phuket. Coming soon!

A Night of Music

One of the most relaxing things you can do during a trip, especially if you are staying at a hotel is to listen to live music being performed at the hotel lobby or at the hotel’s main restaurant or dining area. It can be a perfect end to your full day of doing business or sightseeing.

The music is either performed by a solo performer on piano, at times it will be a band complete with a singer. What I enjoy best is live jazz music performance. And I think it’s a special treat when the band also has wind instruments like the trumpet, especially when its distinctly bobby shew at ww bw.

If you can sing or even play an instrument, you might even like to jam with the musicians. They would only be too happy to have someone who loves music just like they do 🙂

More on Ocean Bloom Boutique Resort

As I have written in my previous post, the family decided to spend Nanay’s 78th birthday by the beach and the choice that sunny 2nd day of June was Ocean Bloom Boutique Resort in Purok 4, Manapa, Buenavista (Agusan del Norte) which is about 45 minutes from Butuan.

As promised in my earlier post, I will feature here some more photos I took from the resort as well as some more helpful information.

 photo c131a672-52a5-42c2-8237-6381df44657f_zps7aa4m4tv.jpg

The main villa as seen above has available air conditioned rooms.

 photo 56e96f84-7218-45a0-aee2-e30ea8b21637_zpsrkp65uz0.jpg

Should you prefer to stay near the beach area, there are Bamboo houses for rent which can accommodate up to 10 people. There are beds with mattresses inside. There is also a sink or washing area inside.

 photo dd30f8b7-b430-4b37-a455-9684b12941fb_zpsbmon6rwc.jpg

The shower area and rest room for the bamboo house is located just outside which is exclusive for your use.

 photo f46ec490-0098-4cd5-bc32-512bb4ee24c3_zps504ovjtl.jpg

Side view of the Santorini. This building faces the beach area and has several rooms for accommodation. The rooms are fully air conditioned with refrigerator and hot and cold shower. The rooms are either good for 3 or 4 persons. Note that there is rooftop area of the Santorini which can be rented for events 🙂

 photo b9a7afc6-749b-4037-8b85-3a2540ebd81c_zps0kc5kdwb.jpg

Front view of a room in the Santorini. I just realized I did not take a full photo of the front view of the building. It was really hot at that time and I was seeking some shade while taking the photos 🙂

 photo 472f299e-c016-4e52-ba1b-7ce53af01e9d_zpsjmtppqym.jpg

 photo cfa1c647-e530-4d76-bf30-507646087cfd_zpsgiwqikqm.jpg

The two photos above were taken while I was on the roof top area of the Santorini. The nipa cottages by the beach is good for 10 persons, cozy to use for a meal together with the family or your group of friends.

 photo 0322dc9d-6865-4401-b24e-4fce5c566ad8_zpsfrkytfgh.jpg

 photo 5cba45c5-0649-4695-963c-99a3d1065be6_zpsrrykvgu3.jpg

Topmost photo shows the Courtyard which accommodates up to 4 persons per room. Rooms with fan as well as with air condition are available in the courtyard. There are common restrooms and shower areas, one area for men (two restrooms, two showers) and for women (same number of restrooms, shower areas as with men).

My hubby and I hope to check out the place again perhaps in our coming anniversary 🙂

For more some more info and photos of the resort, you can check my earlier post. For room rates and other queries, you may contact their resort manager, LIGAYA with mobile number 0918-4490932.