We Travel, We Eat, We Bond

If you were asked, how do you bond with your family? What would your answer be?

As for me, two things come to mind: travelling and eating together. Why travelling? Because my family members as well as my husband’s are based in different parts of the Philippines and yes, even abroad. To bond together, travel has to be part of the picture.

And when we are finally together, we eat. That’s right. Isn’t that part of Filipino culture and even Asian culture? Ah, no family bonding is complete without those shared meals. Over delicious food, we then share stories, jokes, new insights, challenges, dreams. And true enough some of the best photos I have had with the family have been taken near or around a dining table 🙂

Below are a couple of shots of our precious family bonding moments. And yes, we were at the dining table 🙂

Hubby & I visiting Bohol, meeting family coming in from other parts of the country, the US & Italy.


Dining out with my in-laws in Butuan City, Mindanao.

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It’s a Lunch Date!

My hubby and I found time for a special lunch date recently and we thought of trying Butuan City’s Big Daddy, Ribs-to-Go. We checked their menu and settled to try their pork ribs and also a combo meal (pork rib and chicken). We also ordered their halo-halo.

Ah, I must say we enjoyed the food 🙂 We ordered additional rice to go with our meals 🙂 Having the halo-halo after our lunch was a great treat. We loved it!

Big Daddy also has budget meals and value meals available at affordable prices. We are quite curious to try their Big Daddy Burger and their Party Beef next time. They open before lunch time and close just an hour before midnight. Below are our mouth-watering shots 🙂

Going for a meaty lunch 🙂


Hello Halo-halo!

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One Afternoon at the Butuan Museum

My friends and I had the chance lately to check out the National Museum of Region 13 or Caraga Region located in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. This was actually my second visit to the museum as I had walked through its doors several years back during a trip in Butuan.

There are several interesting archaeological specimens and artifacts in the museum. These include pottery and jewelry among others which shows the trading history between the then Kingdom of Butuan between other countries like China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and even Persia. The trading relations existed as far back as 1000 AD between the Kingdom of Butuan and China.

I must mention here that one of the best archaeological finds in Butuan and the region are the balangay boats. There were also gold specimen dug out in the region but some of the best ones are now housed at the Ayala Museum in Makati. The Caraga Museum has a replica of the Golden Tara which was found in Esperanza, Agusan  sometime in 1918. This is a 21-carat golden figurine of a Hindu female deity. The original figurine is now housed at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.

I would love to see the museum undergo some renovation 🙂 But all in all, revisiting the stories and objects on display at the museum somehow reconnected my present world to that of the past.  That one afternoon made me appreciate once again what had taken place in history and where we are today.

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