Most Festive Beach Destinations in Australia for Christmas

Australia, the land of ‘wish you were here’, ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ and its miles upon miles of golden beaches, is the perfect destination to spend Christmas. Australians love a good festival. In fact, hundreds of people flock to well organised festive occasions throughout the Christmas period.

Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast, Queensland

Boasting the best beaches in Australia, the Gold Coast draws large crowds of tourists over the Christmas season. The local Council organises many Christmas themed events, such as Christmas markets, carols and roving street entertainment. Many Australians opt to have a casual Christmas celebration and the beach is the perfect place to do this. This is the best location to throw down a towel and lie back on the sand and just relax.

The Sunburnt Christmas Day Festival at Bondi Beach Sydney

This unforgettable beach party attracts thousands of party goers. It plays hosts to international artists, as well as talented local artists. Talented DJs will keep the music pumping throughout the festival. There is Christmas Day Aussie barbeque with drink specials and bikini comps to keep the crowd entertained. It is essential to wear sunscreen and bring a hat.

Whitehaven Beach, The Whitsundays

So you have long dreamt of a white Christmas? Well, this is the place for you! With the whitest silkiest sand in the world, this gorgeous beach will leave you breathless with its spectacular expanse of pure white silica sand. The crystal clear aquamarine ocean will gently lap the sandy shore and the warm water will be so inviting. Santa has often been sighted kayaking his way around the islands prior to his Christmas Eve journey around the world!

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island, Qld

75 miles of beach for you to relax and enjoy! Fraser Island attracts an enormous crowd of campers over the holiday season. It is essential to book a camping spot or you are likely to miss out! Campers are made up of families and groups who are quite inventive at making their own fun. This generates a great atmosphere filled with making new friends and renewing acquaintances from the previous year and a great festive time will be had by all.

Byron Bay, NSW

With a worldwide reputation, this location attracts backpackers from around the globe. Once a laid back town favoured by hippies from the 60s, Byron Bay is slowly catching up with the modern world, yet retaining its small town charm. It has a relaxed atmosphere where you can easily sample the delicious local gourmet fare and then catch the surf at the great beaches. Christmas and New Year festivities literally go off with a bang, with a brilliant fireworks display. Accommodation is booked out well in advance, as this is a very popular spot to spend the holidays. This picturesque spot is often depicted on Xmas cards . If you have never had a Christmas at the beach, now is the perfect time to try. The beach at Christmas can be a soothing place where you can relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life. You will not be allowed to become too complacent though as, during the festive season, there are numerous activities organised by the local Councils.

Written by Tara Blair Tara Blair is a full time writer. Tara loves travelling around in her home country in Australia and share her experiences with her fellow readers. Her favourite destination is Byron Bay in New South Wales where she got engaged last year.

The Most Romantic Places to See Sunset in Australia

Australia is a wild and wonderful country. Sunburnt landscapes, lush forest, iconic land marks and impressive mountain ranges provide an array of choices for the romantic couple chasing a holiday filled with endless sunsets that dazzle the human eye! Get yourself started on your itinerary by making a stop at these places for a great view of the Aussie sun.


Western Australia is the only place on the continent where you can watch the sun go down over the ocean! There are miles of beaches that give uninterrupted views of the horizon for spectacular sunsets. Take a trek on a camel, hike or four wheel drive to your secluded beach destination to experience a natural wonder with your partner. There are a variety of beach locations to choose from along the whole length of the Western Australian Coast line that also offer beautiful couples accommodation for a special night away. 


Watching sunset over Uluru is an awe-inspiring event of nature. The big red rock (formerly known as Ayers Rock) transforms through a spectrum of colours as the sun sinks behind the horizon. The variety of colour changes that Uluru moves through at sunset is due to the effect that the atmosphere (and the contents of the atmosphere) has on filtering the light that illuminates the big rock. To have a truly romantic experience you can book into an Uluru tours favourite, the “Sounds of Silence” dinner with champagne, or you can take in the view from atop a camel. Whichever way you do it, Uluru at sunset is assured to be a beautiful and romantic way to experience the heart of Australia.

Glass House Mountains

Located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, the Glass House Mountains offer a stunning foreground to any sunset. You can view them from the crest of the hinterland range, or you can take a ride in a hot air balloon to get a peaceful bird’s eye view of the mountains, rolling fields and forestry. Whilst you are in the area, you can take a couples stroll through beautiful Rainforest of Mary Cairncross Park and enjoy a cosy picnic on the open lawns. The winding tourist drive through the Maleny and Montville area’s is relaxing and scenic with plenty of viewing platforms along the way from which to choose from for your sunset date.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters rock formation is an iconic image of the Blue Mountains National Park. Take your seat at Echo Point Lookout with a rug, champagne and your favourite person and you have a romantic sunset made in heaven! During the walk to Echo Point Lookout you will encounter beautiful native wild birds, and waterfalls which only serve to enhance the experience to be shared between you and your sweetheart.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park can offer you and your partner a whole week of romantic sunsets from all different locations of this magical part of the world. You can perch atop the Ubirr Flood Plain, find your own special place in Arnhem Land, or view the setting sun from the Kakadu Escarpment. You can try an organised tour, or you can roll up in your camper van, throw out the deck chairs and a nice bottle of wine and a platter of cheeses and you’ve got an experience made in heaven!

There are sure to be some spectacular sunsets in this amazing country that you will never forget! Bring your camera to remember those special moments with your partner in the awe of Mother Nature and her unlimited creative potential of colour, sky’s, clouds and landscapes!



Written by Alice Boyd

Alice has been writing about her travel in Australia for nearly 12 months. Her most memorable experiences are watching sunset in the Northern Territory and the Uluru tours. The next adventure on her bucket list is to do white water rafting in the Tropical North Queensland.