Summertime in Phuket 2

Finally, here’s the follow up post on our special summer in Phuket, Thailand which I first wrote about here.

For this post, I would just like to share some more photos of Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club in Mai Khao, Thalang – our home away from home while in Phuket.  There will be one more post about our island hopping in Phuket, so you can watch out for that 🙂

Below are some more shots of the resort:

 photo b330d8aa-d0a3-4bdf-890b-d07ca439e7b7_zpsnizhbnxv.jpg
Ah, I loved the orchids in the lobby 🙂
 photo b67787bb-6d4e-4e22-97e2-6f97d24d65ef_zpsdywa4zzz.jpg
Objects are carved on the wall in the lobby area. So creative!

There is a large pool or body of water which can be seen while walking along the lobby. This is not for swimming though but definitely refreshing to the eyes 🙂

 photo 9fd52629-7210-4678-8e4f-7190391e92b9_zpslsvgmzcq.jpg
Notice the pool to our right in the photo.
 photo 2f3efac1-ffcb-44ee-b96a-327234a30b08_zpsrau8sqwf.jpg
A beautiful play of light and darkness on the pool.
 photo 136c80ed-2fca-40d2-a336-e14068961a68_zpsflvb3nq1.jpg
I enjoyed this view every time we are in the main hotel lobby 🙂

And yes, there is more to explore whether by night or by day in the resort 🙂 You can check out the shops and restaurants within the hotel as well as other “picture perfect areas” there.

 photo fd0e8078-58d7-4f06-a6ff-eecd8f749103_zpsxnzbli54.jpg
There are restaurants to choose from right within the resort.
 photo 15a55847-e341-4a9a-95b7-467908676572_zpsfhfooe3a.jpg
A pretty sight in the resort, accessible from the main hotel lobby.
 photo 58713b31-4a8b-4b75-a465-9be1b1083c80_zpstoh6tnt9.jpg
We passed this whenever we head for the swimming area.
 photo 5516d99a-2aa5-46e6-a197-e81dcf0d794c_zpsaeysgeen.jpg
Part of the resort which can be seen from the beachfront.
 photo ee068f6e-240a-438d-bb58-bb10e0fc3af0_zpsv5acro8z.jpg
Hubby enjoying nature and the sea breeze at the beachfront 🙂

If you are wondering how the resort swimming pools or our rooms look like, check out my first post here. Stay tuned for my post on our island hopping adventure in Phuket. Coming soon!

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