What’s for Dessert?

It’s cold halo-halo! This dessert we refer to as halo-halo in the Philippines is not only a hit among Filipinos but to foreigners who get to taste it as well. It has the delight of ice cream for the tongue mixed with ice and other delicious ingredients which are mostly from the country as well (such as nata de coco, sago, leche flan, among others). I know it’s been raining too much lately, at least, in my part of the Philippines and the weather has been cold but well, no one can stop you from ordering halo-halo for dessert 🙂

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22 thoughts on “What’s for Dessert?”

  1. Waaaaaaaaah! Kahilakon ko! Paborito kaayo naku ni. Ug ni bana, ug ni kiddo! Wala ni sa among bukid kay walay chowking. Naka-halo-halo ko before when i was able to buy ube ice cream imported jud to gikan pa pinas. Now I am thinking of making some again. Labon baga pa kaayo among snowfield diri. Lol.

    Pwede ako ang isa, Ma’am? Mosukol jud ko ana ba. LOL

    BPC visit here!

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