Let’s Do the Shake!

No, I do not mean the dance. I mean taking some cold, sweet Mango shake on  a hot, sweaty afternoon. But just in case, the weather in your part of the world is too cold this time for some shake, grab it then when the sun comes around and brings along summer songs with it 🙂

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What’s for Dessert?

It’s cold halo-halo! This dessert we refer to as halo-halo in the Philippines is not only a hit among Filipinos but to foreigners who get to taste it as well. It has the delight of ice cream for the tongue mixed with ice and other delicious ingredients which are mostly from the country as well (such as nata de coco, sago, leche flan, among others). I know it’s been raining too much lately, at least, in my part of the Philippines and the weather has been cold but well, no one can stop you from ordering halo-halo for dessert 🙂

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Thankful at 40

I can’t help it. I have to write a post about how happy I am that I have turned 40 🙂

And why am I happy? Well, because it means that I have four decades of experiences and learning with me. And may I mention that it also means 40 years of God’s faithfulness in bringing me to where I am today. I am not rich with money really but I am rich in love and friendship. And I am still very healthy. Oh, there are so many things I can be thankful for!

I must add here that turning 40 also means  plenty of wonderful memories. Well, there are painful ones but I think that in the end, there are always more things to be happy about and grateful for. And with that I can’t resist adding a photo of one the best things I got for my birthday. A few years ago, I received a complete surprise in the form of a birthday cake from some very precious friends in Cebu. This cake means a lot since I only remember receiving one other birthday cake in my life other than this one! It is not the practice of my family to have birthday cakes during birthdays but we do eat a special meal together. This cake was pretty special and yes, delicious 🙂

I am thankful at 40 and may it be so in the succeeding years ahead 🙂

A great surprise from friends 🙂

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