Greek Island Getaways

If there’s one holiday destination that promises to please time after time, it’s Greece. This ancient wonder is full of glittering seas, soft golden sands and craggy mountain tops, peppered with historic ruins and woven with tales of gods, heroes and mythical beasts. Whether you want to take a trip through time and marvel at the incredible architecture and forgotten ruins of years gone by, or enjoy the more modern take on Greece and explore its beachside resorts, this cracking destination is full of variety and offers something for everyone.

Take Crete holidays for instance. A large island with stacks of different resorts to suit every taste, Crete is a real gem when it comes to summer holidays. It’s got virtually everything you could wish for – gorgeous sandy beaches, lively towns with buzzing nightlife, romantic retreats in the middle of nowhere, and more family-friendly hotels than you could ever imagine.

Then there’s Corfu, the first choice for those who like their rooms with a view. Holidays in Corfu – also known as the Emerald Isle – are a haven of turquoise seas, long stretches of golden sand and mountainous backdrops which are perfect for days out walking, cycling and sightseeing.

Families are well catered for on Greek island holidays too, thanks to the developed resorts around the coast which offer everything from water parks and hotel-run kids’ clubs to secluded bays – perfect for little feet that like to paddle.

Or if you’re looking for something a little livelier, there are more than enough bustling destinations here with your name on it. Malia in Crete, Kavos in Corfu, Kardemena in Kos and Laganas in Zante – these are some of the most popular nightspots that the Greek islands have to offer, and if you’re after a week or two of non-stop partying, any one of these bustling resorts should certainly do the trick.

My Top 3 Dream Destinations

It is summertime in this part of the world, the Philippines, and during this time, a number would be thinking of going away, travelling for a summer break. And for this month of April, the country (which is predominantly Catholic) had holidays from work beginning April 5-6 (Holy Thursday and Holy Friday). April 9, Monday had also been declared a holiday; it is “Araw ng Kagitingan” (Day of Valor) which commemorates the Fall of Bataan during World War II.  Actually, I would like to say more about the Fall of Bataan, but I will have to do that in another upcoming post.

Now back to the loooong holiday which started on April 5 and then goes on until the 9th (with April 7- 8 sandwiched in between, a Saturday and a Sunday). Admittedly, I was caught unaware of the long break until about the 3rd of April so my hubby and I hadn’t plan on any out-of-town trip. At any rate, the long break got me to thinking and listing down my top 3 dream destinations which I do hope to visit sometime within the next 3-5 years. Here they are:

1. Israel. You might wonder why this country tops my list. The answer is simple. I’ve grown up reading the Bible and I would like to set my feet on the places I’ve read about 🙂

2. Greece and the European Continent. I would love to explore Europe one day but particularly Greece. Greece is in the Southern part of Europe but politically part of Western Europe. Why Greece? Simply because modern Greece traces its roots to the Greece we know in our history class, the cradle of Western civilization. Democracy, Philosophy, the Olympics and the beginnings of Western literature – we can not separate them from its birthplace, ancient Greece. I would also love to visit England, France and Rome.

3. China. This is one country in the East which continually fascinates me. I enjoy its food and even its movies but particularly, I have enjoyed friendships from people whose ancestors come from this land. I would also love to see the Great Wall of China someday.

Do take note that I also have top destinations within my country of birth, the Philippines. I would be writing a post on these as well very soon.

I have heard that if you want something to get done, you must list it down. When you do so, you have taken the first step in making it a reality. What about you? Start listing down your dream destinations and let’s begin our journey in making these travels happen 🙂


The Coliseum in Rome, Italy. Italy is one of the most populous country in Europe.

Note: Thanks to my sister, Charmaine, for taking this beautiful shot 🙂 This post is linked with Wednesday Whites and Thursday Brownies.