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Thankful at 40

I can’t help it. I have to write a post about how happy I am that I have turned 40 🙂 And why am I happy? Well, because it means that I have four decades of experiences and learning with me. And may I mention that it also means 40 years of God’s faithfulness in…

By admindel February 10, 2012 22

I Can Fly

‘I Can Fly’  is the first single of Andy Calope’s new album: Rented Houses. The song is a cool reminder on where we get our strength as we live day by day. While we travel to and fro in this planet called earth (that’s why we can have travel blogs), we also have our day to…

By admindel January 28, 2012 1

For The Heart’s Sake

A blessed 2012 to us all 🙂 I have been thinking of possible posts to start the year and then I got this invitation to share a post for Tea Talk. As the “pioneer” for this meme said, it is purely for heart’s sake. To me that would mean my thoughts, ideas, feelings, ad infinitum.…

By admindel January 5, 2012 2