One Afternoon at the Butuan Museum

My friends and I had the chance lately to check out the National Museum of Region 13 or Caraga Region located in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. This was actually my second visit to the museum as I had walked through its doors several years back during a trip in Butuan.

There are several interesting archaeological specimens and artifacts in the museum. These include pottery and jewelry among others which shows the trading history between the then Kingdom of Butuan between other countries like China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and even Persia. The trading relations existed as far back as 1000 AD between the Kingdom of Butuan and China.

I must mention here that one of the best archaeological finds in Butuan and the region are the balangay boats. There were also gold specimen dug out in the region but some of the best ones are now housed at the Ayala Museum in Makati. The Caraga Museum has a replica of the Golden Tara which was found in Esperanza, Agusan  sometime in 1918. This is a 21-carat golden figurine of a Hindu female deity. The original figurine is now housed at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.

I would love to see the museum undergo some renovation 🙂 But all in all, revisiting the stories and objects on display at the museum somehow reconnected my present world to that of the past.  That one afternoon made me appreciate once again what had taken place in history and where we are today.

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My Top 3 Dream Destinations

It is summertime in this part of the world, the Philippines, and during this time, a number would be thinking of going away, travelling for a summer break. And for this month of April, the country (which is predominantly Catholic) had holidays from work beginning April 5-6 (Holy Thursday and Holy Friday). April 9, Monday had also been declared a holiday; it is “Araw ng Kagitingan” (Day of Valor) which commemorates the Fall of Bataan during World War II.  Actually, I would like to say more about the Fall of Bataan, but I will have to do that in another upcoming post.

Now back to the loooong holiday which started on April 5 and then goes on until the 9th (with April 7- 8 sandwiched in between, a Saturday and a Sunday). Admittedly, I was caught unaware of the long break until about the 3rd of April so my hubby and I hadn’t plan on any out-of-town trip. At any rate, the long break got me to thinking and listing down my top 3 dream destinations which I do hope to visit sometime within the next 3-5 years. Here they are:

1. Israel. You might wonder why this country tops my list. The answer is simple. I’ve grown up reading the Bible and I would like to set my feet on the places I’ve read about 🙂

2. Greece and the European Continent. I would love to explore Europe one day but particularly Greece. Greece is in the Southern part of Europe but politically part of Western Europe. Why Greece? Simply because modern Greece traces its roots to the Greece we know in our history class, the cradle of Western civilization. Democracy, Philosophy, the Olympics and the beginnings of Western literature – we can not separate them from its birthplace, ancient Greece. I would also love to visit England, France and Rome.

3. China. This is one country in the East which continually fascinates me. I enjoy its food and even its movies but particularly, I have enjoyed friendships from people whose ancestors come from this land. I would also love to see the Great Wall of China someday.

Do take note that I also have top destinations within my country of birth, the Philippines. I would be writing a post on these as well very soon.

I have heard that if you want something to get done, you must list it down. When you do so, you have taken the first step in making it a reality. What about you? Start listing down your dream destinations and let’s begin our journey in making these travels happen 🙂


The Coliseum in Rome, Italy. Italy is one of the most populous country in Europe.

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Cebu Pacific Online Booking & Payment Options (as of April 2015)

Travelling in this part of the world (the Philippines) has indeed changed.

It used to be that flying within the Philippines and to its Asian neighbors (and beyond Asia) was way too costly. But thanks to the innovation of Cebu Pacific, flying has been more affordable than ever.

Cebu Pacific has indeed lived up to its catch phrase: It’s time everyone flies. It has revolutionized flying and travelling in this side of the world. And we have to give this airline company another thumbs up for its innovative move in terms of ticket payments.

Booking Your Ticket. While you can book your ticket by visiting a Cebu Pacific Office or through your favorite travel agent/agency, the easiest, of course, is by booking online using the Cebu Pacific website. This is the fastest way to access promo fares.

Payment Options. Other than using credit cards to pay for the tickets you booked via the Cebu Pacific website, you can also pay by the following means:

1) Over the counter bank payments. You can pay over the counter for your booked tickets through these banks: Banco de Oro, BPI, Metrobank and Robinsons’ Bank. 

2) Non-bank payment centers. You can also pay for your tickets through the following non-bank payment centers: Bayad Center, LBC, Robinsons Department Store and SM Business Center.

3) Other Payment Options. You can also pay through the following ways: ATM, Internet Banking (through Bancnet Online or through Bank’s Own Website), phone banking or mobile phone banking. You can check out which banks offer these here.

4) As of December 2014, you can now pay for your booked tickets as well using Paypal.

Important Reminder.  There are cut-off times for over the counter payments  through banks and payment centers. To be sure, you can call the banks or the payment centers to confirm the cut-off time for payment.

For your convenience, you can also click here for the list of Cebu Pacific Payment Centers (as of 25 April 2015).

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