Remembering Singapore

February 24, 2012 26 By admindel

My trip to Singapore a few years back would have been all about work. But thanks to Malaysian and Singaporean friends, it became more than that. I had the chance to go around and have some fun. Thanks to them, I was able to sample some of the restaurants there, do some shopping, check out some book shops and just go around the city.

What I love best about Singapore as we went around was how clean it was. I also loved the way how modern buildings stood side by side with buildings of more classic design (as seen in the first photo).Β Singapore is also a Β safe place to visit. Law and order is a big deal in this highly progressive city.

Travel tip: take the sky train and air conditioned buses when you go around Singapore. Taking the sky train is very convenient and you end up spending cheaper, too, than taking a cab. You can also take buses and purchase bus tickets before hand which you can top up from selected stores. That way, you don’t have to scramble with coins and bills for your payment on the bus. This topped up or prepaid tickets will prove to be very handy in going around the city.
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